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1. Provirilia reserves the right to accept or refuse any order without apparent motive, obligating us to inform you if such a situation occurs.

2. You are responsible for providing exact information in order to make the product arrive with all its guarantees. In the case that an order cannot be sent, for lack or incorrect information, the client will be the only one held responsible.

3. The possibility of sending and distributing the product to the client will be the function of the client’s availability. In the case that we lack supply, problems with processing the order, or other causes, Profade will inform you and give you the option to wait, or to cancel your order for a full refund, if necessary.

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5. In the case that an arriving package needs a signature, or something to confirm the reception of the shipment, it will be entirely your responsibility that someone is available to receive the said shipment to the address put on the order form. In addition, you will be responsible to pick up products at the transport agency if the package is not received at your home. In the case that the package is returned, shipping costs will be charged once more.

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8. In the case that a product arrives and is defective, opened, or with any imperfections, Profade will replace the product without additional cost to you, as long as the product is acquired through this web page. In the case that you acquired the product through another web page or another medium, we are not responsible for the quality of the order.

9. In no case will we process your order until we have received payment from your credit card, giving us the right to cancel the shipment in the case that the payment method fails.



1. With the word “Responsibility”, according to the use in these terms, we understand it to cover any type of damage, demand, procedures, actions, expenses, costs, or other losses.

2. In no case will Naturmedical have “responsibility” of whatever special, direct, indirect, punitive, civil, exemplified, or consequential doing that is a result of use or operation of any of the products of the Profade system. The use of the products in this system supposes the total knowledge and acceptance of all and every one of the legal terms stated here. The user must understand that they are given total responsibility, freeing Naturmedical and its employees from any responsibilities.

3. The representations, opinions, declarations, affirmations, and testimonies of this web page are conclusions and opinions of third parties and should be understood as such. Among third parties, there are testimonies from doctors and professionals as well as customer testimonies, opinions from internet forums, and scientific texts that speak of the efficiency of the ingredients in our products.

4. The responsibility of Naturmedical is limited expressly to the replacement of defective merchandise and in the case that the customer makes use of the money-back guarantee, reimbursement, or any payment to the purchaser of the paid amount made to this seller minus transport costs.

5. The purchaser as much as any other person that uses the information and products contained on this web page assume to have knowledge of responsibility limitations and accept such terms carried out by Naturmedical.



Legal Terms

This product is not a medication and does not intent to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any sickness or pains. The information publicated on this website is only for informational purposes and does not substitute the advice of your doctor. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you suffer from a disease or pain, consult your doctor before using any product. Individual results may differ according to the person. Read all the information and instructions carefully before using.

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